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OK, you now know that staying at the 385 MOTEL is the sensible thing for you to do.......
You have called ahead, made reservations, and all that's left is to find where we are located!
It's easy :-)
We are serviced by Hwys 39,35,and13.
The 385 MOTEL is located conveniently one block SOUTH of the intersection of Hwy 39 and 35
Here are 4 maps, (with HUGE thanks to Mapquest and Yahoo) to guide you to both the CityOf Weyburn, and the 385 MOTEL

Route Map to Weyburn Click
Weyburn Map 1 Click
Weyburn Map 2 (closer)
Location of 385 MOTEL Click

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ALL roads lead to the 385 MOTEL

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View of Weyburn

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You're getting closer...

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385 MOTEL is the star

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